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Air Handling Units,Air Handling Units In Qatar,air handling units,air handling units in qatar,AHU,AHU In Qatar,AHU,ahu in qatar

Air Handling Unit

Trosten offers a wide range of customisable Air Handling units which serves Comfort Appli...

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Air Ionization Units And Air Sanitizers,air ionization units and air sanitizers in qatar,air sanitizers in qatar,air sanitizers

Air Ionization Units / Air Sanitizers

Cold plasma technology is in fact capable of destroying viruses and other pathogens such...

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Chillers,Chillers In Qatar,Chillers Distributor In Qatar


Thermocold becomes a member of the Ingersoll Rand brand family. Ingersoll Rand advances ...

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CRAC Units,CRAC Units In Qatar,crac units,crac units in qatar,Computer Room Air Conditioning,computer room air conditioning

CRAC Units

A Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) unit is designed for applications where close ...

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Ducted Split Air Conditioner Units,Ducted Split Air Conditioner Units In Qatar,ducted split air conditioner units in qatar

Ducted Split Air Conditioner Units

Trosten Industries Ducted Split AC Units are most reliable and energy efficient with the ...

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Electric Heaters,Electric Heaters In Qatar,electric heaters,electric heaters in qatar,Electric Heater,electric heater In Qatar

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are available in ratings of up to 2000 kW and are used for heating the ...

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Fan Coil Units,Fan Coil Units In Qatar,fan coil units,fan coil units in qatar,FCU,FCU In Qatar,fcu,fcu in qatar,Fan Coil Unit

Fan Coil Unit

Trosten Fan Coil Unit’s delivers high performance and built with top notch quality .........

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Floor Heating Mat,Floor Heating Mat In Qatar,floor heating mat,floor heating mat in qatar,floor heating mat in doha qatar

Floor Heating Mat

Considering residents’ comfort and safety, reduction of environmental impact as well as....

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Fral,Fral In Qatar,fral,fral in qatar,fral drying,fral ventilation,fral fan coil,fral rooftop air conditioner


for swimming pools and dehumidification of industrial processes...

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Gas Phase Filter,Gas Phase Filter In Qatar,gas phase filter,gas phase filter in qatar,gas phase filters,Gas Phase Filters

Gas Phase Filter

To effectively filter and protect the users from the Chemical pollutants and to have the ...

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Heat Pumps,Heat Pumps In Qatar,heat pumps,heat pumps in qatar,heat pump,heat pump in qatar,Heat Pump,Heat Pump In Qatar

Heat Pumps

Microwell heat Pump range has been carefully conceived and redesigned to offer a...

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Heat Recovery Unit In Qatar Fresh Air Handling Unit,heat recovery unit in qatar fresh air handling unit in qatar

Heat Recovery Unit / Fresh Air Handling Unit

The future of workspaces will focus primarily upon wellness and Safety, Poor IAQ leads to...

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Heat Wheel,Heat Wheel In Qatar,heat wheel,heat wheel in qatar,Heat Wheels,Heat Wheels In Qatar,heat wheels,heat wheels in qatar

Heat Wheel

Rotor matrix is consist of hub, bearings and foil. The rotor matrix is made for laminar airflow ...

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Home And Desiccant Dehumidifiers,Home And Desiccant Dehumidifiers In Qatar,home and desiccant dehumidifiers in qatar

Home & Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Using Trotec’s dehumidifiers of the HomeComfort series you can ensure the optimum...

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Humidifiers,Humidifier,Humidifiers In Qatar,Humidifier In Qatar,humidifiers,humidifier,humidifiers in qatar,humidifier in qatar


The humidity level in rooms should range between 40 and 60 per cent...

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HVAC Filter And HEPA Filter,HVAC Filter And HEPA Filter In Qatar,HVAC Filter In Qatar,HVAC Filter And HEPA Filter In Qatar

HVAC & HEPA Filter

The main purposes of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system are to help...

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Hygienic Air Handling Unit,Hygienic Air Handling Unit in Qatar,hygienic air handling unit,hygienic air handling unit in qatar

Hygienic Air Handling Unit

Trosten’s Hygiene Air Handling Units complies to VDI 6022 Part 1:2011 & DIN 1946 Part 4:2...

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Kahramaa Water Meter Cabinet,Kahramaa Water Meter Cabinet In Qatar,kahramaa water meter cabinet in qatar

Kahramaa Water Meter Cabinet

Kahramaa approved Water Meter is installed inside the Kahramaa approved Water Meter Cabinets...

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Kitchen Ecology Unit,Kitchen Ecology Unit In Qatar,kitchen ecology unit,kitchen ecology unit in qatar,Kitchen Ecology Units

Kitchen Ecology Unit

With an ever increasing environmental awareness and the common global goal ...

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terracomb, terracomb in qatar, terracomb qatar,odor in qatar,Odor Control Residential Product in qatar

Odor Control Residential Product in qatar

TerraComb® Ceramic Activated Carbon ...

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PICV Valves And Actuators,PICV Valves And Actuators In Qatar,picv valves and actuators,picv valves and actuators in qatar

PICV, Valves & Actuators

Pressure independent control valves are an automatic temperature control valve and an...

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Roof Top Package Units,Roof Top Package Units In Qatar,roof top package units,roof top package units in qatar

Roof Top Package Units

Rooftop Package Units are ideal solutions to eliminate equipment radiated noise levels in...

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Swimming Pool Dehumidifier,Swimming Pool Dehumidifier In Qatar,swimming pool dehumidifier,swimming pool dehumidifier in qatar

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Managing indoor humidity is important to creating a comfortable, healthy indoor...

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UV Lamps,UV Lamps In Qatar,uv lamps,uv lamps in qatar,UV Lamp,UV Lamp In Qatar,ultra violet lamp,uv lamp in qatar,Ultra Violet

UV Lamps

InviroTech Spectra UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System, a product from ...

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Ventilation System Fans In Qatar,Ventilation System Fans Distributor In Qatar,Best Ventilation System Fans Suppliers In Qatar

Ventilation System Fans

Nicotra is one of the most significant manufacturers of fan systems ...

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Water Tank Cooler In Qatar,Water Tank Cooler Distributor In Qatar,Best Water Tank Cooler Suppliers In Qatar

Water Tank Cooler

Tempcon, provide high-quality, cooling customized process and cooling solution...

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