Indirect / Direct Adiabatic Cooling System

Indirect / Direct Adiabatic Cooling System

Oxycom is a global supplier of adiabatic cooling systems, developed with the ambition to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the to reduce the global carbon footprint required to cool, ventilate, and heat buildings.

Oxycom has years of experience with numerous applications worldwide. To provide energy-saving alternatives to AC for Industrial space cooling (workshops and storage facilities) and retrofit HVAC solutions for Air Cooled Chillers and Packaged units. Our systems use up to 90% less energy compared to conventional AC installations and deliver free ventilation.

The indirect/direct (IDEC) adiabatic cooling technologies Oxycom developed are among the most environmentally friendly cooling techniques on the planet. Our technology uses only water as a refrigerant and little electricity, resulting in a very low carbon footprint.

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