Humidifiers For a Healthy Room Climate

For generating healthy room and breathing air

Sore throat, itching eyes and irritated mucous membranes are often the result of a too dry room climate. Here humidifiers can provide a remedy. But there is a wide range of suitable models.

The right humidity level is beneficial to your health:

The humidity level in rooms should range between 40 and 60 per cent. A room’s humidity level always depends on the nature of the room, structural conditions, weather and season. Especially in the months of winter the room humidity often decreases by 20 or even 30 per cent, sometimes more. Heating significantly lowers the humidity level. Therefore it is immensely important to supply the room air with more humidity.

Easily done using a humidifier. Excessively dry room air often leads to health issues. Other than the known health problems regarding the respiratory tract and eyes, too dry room air often causes exhaustion, weariness and failing concentration. Coarse skin is inevitable and all types of skin diseases or allergies might get worse. Only with the correct dose of humidity can such a scenario be prevented in the long run. The difference will be perceptible at once: It’s time to take a deep breath. Symptoms such as eyes and mucous membranes irritated by the too dry air will be alleviated. You can refocus on your work or domestic chores. Ultimately you can improve your own well-being by using a humidifier that ensures the perfect humidity level in your rooms.

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Different types of humidifiers

Evaporation Humidifiers

Devices of this type work with filter mats or sometimes with rotating fins distributing the water on the surface. Optionally you can add to this effect by directing an air current across the surface. Evaporators function passively as a basic principle. But then no aerosols are formed, hence the air is never contaminated with bacteria or germs. The essential features at one glance:

  • Only low energy consumption.
  • A wide range of available models.
  • No excessive humidification and condensate formation; the room humidity is regulated naturally.
  • If no UV-C sterilization is integrated, you need to add disinfectant to the water.
Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Contemporary humidifiers of this type use ultrasound to atomise the water into very fine droplets. The most important features comprise:

  • A low energy consumption.
  • Comparatively quiet operation of the ultrasound generators.
  • From the design aspect, the models are often very stylish.
  • Storage containers ought to be cleaned on a regular basis.
Air Washers

An air washer deploys a fan that sucks in the ambient air. It then conveys the air past an integrated slowly revolving disc roller. This roller is recessed about halfway in the respective water tank. Since there is only a small distance between the individual discs, the water sort of clings to them as a thin water film. With the air now flowing past the disc roller, part of the air-borne contaminations are retained by the water film and then cleaned or washed off in the water tank Only then will the air again be discharged.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers of the Trotec B-E series
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If you want to lean back and rely on high quality as well as on a wide variety of individual functions, Trotec’s B-E series constitutes a first-rate solution. You can choose from among three different model variants of varied atomization performance levels ranging from 4.8 to 7.2 litres per day. Depending on the model, the perfect application scenario for these ultrasonic humidifiers is in rooms sized up to 20 or 30 m². All three devices of the series are characterized by a modern design that can nicely be combined with any interior. Moreover, you can select different modes. Equipped with a removable scented oil diffuser, an integrated baby mode, a modern touch panel or a freely programmable timer function – the ultrasonic humidifiers of Trotec’s B-E series leave nothing to be desired.

Evaporation Humidifiers of the B series
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This series' models provide you with numerous advantages relating to an agreeable room climate and breathing freely. With their optimum value-for-money ratio, their smart design and the functional variety the individual variants basically protect your health and furniture by optimizing the humidity level. All the models in this series are also hygrostat-controlled. Depending on the model, the performance capability ranges from 0.6 to 60 litres per hour. Some of the humidifiers can be successfully applied in rooms sized up to 420 m². Flexibility is the key. In addition to many individual functions and features the B 500 for instance comes with a special radio control. More comfort is virtually impossible.

Air Washers of the AW-S series
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This series of air washers combines humidification and air purification in one device. You can rely on a sensor control ensuring energy-saving automatic operation. Both models humidify the air to the ideal level and at the same time reliably filter out pollen, animal hair or house dust. The air washer AW 10 S operates without the typical filter mats rendering the device particularly easy to clean. You can choose from a total of three operating modes. The AW 20 S even comes with nine operating modes. The processes of air purification and humidification are activated by an intelligent sensor. Furthermore, the air washer is equipped with an on-demand HEPA filter function for the optimum air purification efficiency.