Heat Pipes

Heat Pipes

Heat Pipe is a heat transfer device works by transferring heat efficiently between two locations by using the evaporation and condensation of a fluid (refrigerant) contained therein. Heat transfer activated by a temperature difference on the fluid (refrigerant)

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Our Sub Product

  • Wrap-around Heat Pipes
  • Heat Recovery Heat Pipes

Heat Pipes
Wrap-around Heat Pipes

These heat pipes hugs cooling coil from two sides (evaporator and condenser) in the AHU provides precooling and reheating in sequence. These heat pipes enhance the moisture removal thereby controlling over indoor humidity, with virtually zero operating cost.

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Heat Recovery Heat Pipes

These heat pipes can be installed (straight/vertical) either in ductwork or as a part of AHU. The focus of Straight heat pipes is used to precondition the makeup air (with exchange of energy from exhaust and fresh air streams). This reduces the load in the air conditioning equipment resulting in reduction of operating cost.