Heat Wheel

Heat Wheel

Rotor matrix is consist of hub, bearings and foil. The rotor matrix is made for laminar airflow using alternating layers of flat and corrugated foil to provide a structure comprising small, triangular channels. The rotors are either one piece or sectorized. Sectorized rotors are divided into segments that are assembled when the rotor is installed. One piece rotors are made in diameters between Ø300–2450 mm, while sectorized rotors have diameters of Ø600-5000 mm. All rotors are made mechanically stable by internal spokes screwed into a hub and welded around the periphery. This design allows cleaning with compressed air, steam, hot water or special cleaning agents. Temperature range -20°C to +70°C.

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Our Rotors

Condensation Rotors
Heat Wheel

The condensation rotor is a cost-efficient solution to recover heat and is suitable for standard applications in comfort ventilation. Humidity is only transferred in cases when the dew point of one of the air streams is reached.

Hygroscopic Rotors
Heat Wheel in qatar

The hydroscopic surface of this rotor class supports humidity transfer. Typically used for standard applications in comfort ventilation systems to recover humidity.

Sorption Rotor
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The high performance desiccant coatings of the sorption rotor HM1-O (molecular sieve 3Å) provide a maximum humidity transfer capacity for minimal Carry Over. The high humidity efficiency is constant throughout all climate conditions. Sorption rotors are especially designed for summer season cooling recovery and dehumidification of supply air. Therewith, it should always be used in humid and hot climates, with dry cooling systems (chilled beams) and when in winter time humidifiers are used.